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| location_country = USA
| location_country = USA
| area_served      = Worldwide
| area_served      = Worldwide
| key_people      = {{Marc Fleischmann}}, CEO<br/>[ Maurilio Cometto], VP Engineering<br/>[ John Jendricks], VP BD/Operations<br/>[ Shayne Stubbs], Head of Sales<br/>[ Ashok Rajagopalan], Head of Product<br/>{{Nicholas Bellinger}}, CTO<br/>
| key_people      = {{Marc Fleischmann}}<br/>{{Nicholas Bellinger}}<br/>{{Claudio Fleiner}}<br/>Raghu Krishnamurthy<br/>Bill Rozas<br/>Shailesh Mittal<br/>
| products        = {{Target}}, [[Core-iSCSI]]
| products        = {{Target}}, [[Core-iSCSI]]
| num_employees    = 51 <small>(Q1 FY2016)</small>
| num_employees    = 51 <small>(Q1 FY2016)</small>

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Datera, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Intent-based Elastic Data Fabric
Founded 2013
Founder(s) Marc Fleischmann
Nicholas Bellinger
Claudio Fleiner
Headquarters 2570 W El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
Area served Worldwide
Key people Marc Fleischmann
Nicholas Bellinger
Claudio Fleiner
Raghu Krishnamurthy
Bill Rozas
Shailesh Mittal
Products LinuxIO, Core-iSCSI
Employees 51 (Q1 FY2016)

Datera, Inc. is a privately held company that provides data storage software and systems, based in Mountain View, California, USA.



Datera, Inc. was founded by Marc Fleischmann, Nicholas Bellinger, and Claudio Fleiner in 2013, motivated by the inflection point that next-generation networking, virtualization and cloud computing technologies are bringing to computer systems architecture.


The company builds commercial storage systems and software, based on the Linux operating system and its open source LinuxIO, including a highly available version.

Datera has been among the first shipping multifunction virtualization (SR-IOV) compliant 40 GbE products that enable virtual guest environments to run iSCSI at or near 40 GbE line rates. LIO has become the Linux standard SCSI target with kernel version 2.6.38.[1][2]


Contact Datera at:

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